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Guided city tours by bike, tandem or canoe in Hamburg

Sorry, these pages are not translated into english. Please use the back button to return to this page. If interested in these tours I create a fitting tour for you anyway. So don't hesitate to ask!

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My offer:

The price per person all inclusive from 9 pax is € 35,-. This includes:

    At least 4 hours city tour with a tour guide of a different kind ...


    Catering and basic services: 1 bottle of water, coffee and cake on the way to the paw! If necessary, rain capes.


    Suitable rental bicycles, delivery of bicycles to the hotel or start of the tour, rental bikes see on the right or here


    Time and place are yours; Appointments I give after telephone agreement under contact


My EXTRA offer for you:

    Keep the rental bikes after the tour and pay for each additional rental day only reduced € 10,- per bike and day!

    Bike rental prices. Also a pick-up fee within Hamburg does not apply!


The rental bikes are generally hard to beat in terms of longevity and selection of components - but the coronation of the bike rental is the fleet of stainless steel bikes , which you can order on request for a reduced price or at no extra charge to the city guide.